Our Difference

What makes Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home Different?

Our desires to assist others in a Time of Need, but also how we promote love, faith, purpose, motivation, empowerment, reconciliation, values and Legacy. We have been able to see and experience how Rev. Williams' inner calling began to invade his motivation and intention in and for funeral service. Dahria & Jenelle saw how he had not only provided authentic and professional funeral services that his all children could proud of. Dahria saw the ministry he cultivated within the firm and had instilled within in all of his children but also his staff. His persereverence: First as a child of a single mother in the inner city; as a black man; as a United States Veteran; as a Man of the Word; and as a husband and a father, transcended in his approach to funeral service. Together they have given rise to solidifying his efforts, as a Standard of Care. 

Recognizing the responsibility behind the batons that come with a legacy, will be coming - All gave rise to:

Legacies’ Ministry, in which we bring awareness to the gaps between the Family, the Pastor, and Funeral Professionals in a Family’s time of need. An initiative to find ways to bridge those gaps for the psychological wellness of the family members. We have decided to partner with God throughout our business practices.

* The Promise Program is a result of putting our prayers into action. We offer tithing members of surrounding churches a discounted rate for the funeral services we provide. We hope that this will increase the Tithing base within each church that takes part.

* Stepping Stones, which encourages one to “Walk In Your Legacy”;

* Our Wellness Check, recognizing the generational learning curves, we facilitate focus groups from a variety of life’s dimensions; 

* Blueprinted - Leaving a Legacy, a series that focuses on getting your affairs in order while revealing one’s Legacy; 

* Blue Grace, a program targeting retired individuals looking for ways to give back and pay it forward; 

* The TRUEway, an internship program setting the standard of care for the next generation of funeral directors; 

* The Trusted where we wish to collaborate with Probation Officers in a Strategic Alliance to reduce recidivism in our community.

* My Brother’s Keeper Initiative - advocates, assists, and meets the end-of-life planning needs of the families and caregivers of individuals living with acquired brain injuries, mental health issues, developmental disabilities, and those on the autism spectrum regardless of their age. We aspire to make sure that every individual under the care of these organizations has a dignified, respectful funeral service, including a peaceful place of resting, as we all deserve.

That being said, all of these initiatives fall under DOU-Love, which strives to bring awareness to the scope of life and the possibilities that lie within a legacy but also the hard talk conversations that are necessary to bring a voice to ones, values, and reverence to life while revealing a legacy.

Continuing the commitment provide ways to allow the insight and wisdom gained from observing Life from this perspective to pour back into the community. Thus, the nonprofit organization that has launched for just that reason: 

PAUSE ~ A Movement for A Moment

PAUSE, Inc. manifested from 25+yrs of experience in the Death Care Industry, in addition to balancing my personal Life's mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, and social hurdles. PAUSE has broadened my inner charge to help others with a unique perspective, which I call my "Lens of Legacy." The molding of PAUSE motivated me to get the credentials that would back what Life had already been set in place. The full scope of PAUSE and subsidiaries such as DOU-Love reveal my passion as I currently find myself not only a funeral director but also a Certified Life Coach, Art Therapist, and End-of-Life Doula.

Embracing the principles of Kwanzaa and the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, we serve to find or create spaces where Unity could flourish. Thus seeing the networking abilities and striving to develop healthy, professional relationships with Religious Leaders, Health Care Professionals, Life Coaches, Art therapists, Community-Based Social Service Agencies, Legal Professionals, Financial Advisors, Estate Planning Specialists, and Insurance Agents.

In hopes to create a network that pushes toward “The Greater Goal” at the end of the day.

Our President Mrs. Dahria Williams-Fernandes states,

"My efforts are to ensure that His purpose for my Life & the gift of “The Lens of Legacy” has a voice and transcends for no other reason but to combat the heartache, pain, trauma, regrets, grief, and depression. Every day I witness the broad scope of human emotions, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and the aftermath while serving my community. This is my way of ensuring that the lives I have laid to rest do not die in vain. That I can bring a voice to their testimony and shine a light on their Legacy but also for the families’ lives who suppress their “truth” and their feelings to OUR detriment. Ringing true comes the cliché “you (We) are only as strong as our weakest link.”

To take the time to PAUSE to bless others is not only an honor  but one of personal confirmation and opportunity to “Walk in the Light of our Legacies”


Our hope is to service all sectors of our community equally, encouraging them to embrace their diverse cultures & religious faiths. We want to make the process of a funeral a foundation for change or a pivotal point to ground you in all the positive attributes one's life can unfold;  all while sustaining one's Legacy. We see this as a ministry; therefore, we know how ethically aligned our tasks are and that it is a full circle commitment- PreNeed, At Need and Aftercare. 

We advocate for ethical discourse and action advance the health and dignity of all persons. To raise and respond to ethical issues in health and healthcare.

To listen actively, think critically and act wisely
To work diligently towards our mission

Respect for Human Dignity

We believe that all persons have intrinsic worth.
We promote and protect the interests of those whose voices have not been heard or heeded.
We commit to the just delivery of healthcare.

We Are Servicing You ~ We Do Not Take That For Granted. 

Since 1974, we have been servicing the community with only the best interest of our families in mind--no less than respectable. From beginning to end, and in everything we do, we are only concerned with caring for your family.  If for nothing else, we put our best food forward for our own personal fulfillment in our chosen profession and recognized, divine purpose.
At Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home, we consider the opportunity to care for your loved one as a sacred trust. We know that trust is paramount in selecting a funeral home. Entrusting us with your loved ones' constructive custody is not taken lightly and our care reflects the same standard we would bestow upon our own loved ones.  From the transfer to our facility to ensuring that burial is completed properly, we aim to please with dignity and respect.
Because we are meeting you at a time of great emotional stress, we want to make the process as simple as possible. At our conferences, we take the burden off of you and address all your concerns with care and empathy. We continue our tradition of going far beyond what is expected from a funeral home. The relationships cultivated, during our time of service, hold a solid line of trust that was seeded by the genuine heart that each of our funeral directors and staff possess. This is a quality that we emphasize and demand in our search for the next generation of caring professionals.
We believe it is our privilege to provide you with the most meaningful, appropriate, and affordable services possible.  We are not interested in haggling with prices; thus we initiated our MATCH program to eliminate the wedge that tends to cause the insecurity with families. Our ability to coordinate & direct a service, while educating others, has been recognized as we have stretched our arms out both nationally and internationally.

At the end of the day, the only questions I will ask myself are... 

  • Did I love enough?
  • Did I live enough?
  • Did I laugh enough?
  • Did I make a difference?

We are led by our commitment to our community and we will never compromise in our ethics, compassion and professionalism when servicing you.

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