Our Founder

For 43 years, we have faithfully served our families with the belief that all loved ones, entrusted to our care,  are treated with respect and dignity.  We cherish your trust and confidence, so we commit ourselves to serving you with the highest level of professionalism.

To honor this commitment, we place our entire caring, well-trained staff at your service.  We maintain outstanding facilities for the comfort of the families we serve.  It is our goal to help you select an arrangement that will meet your needs perfectly, and we welcome your thoughts and wishes.

We provide information to our community at no charge and without obligation so that all consumers can make intelligent informed decisions when making funeral arrangements.  As part of this effort, and in full compliance with the rules of the Federal Trade Commission, we provide this itemized general price list to all persons who inquire about funeral arrangements.

The goods and services shown on our website are those items that we provide to our families.  You may choose only the items that suit your needs.  However, any funeral arrangements you select will include the charge for our basic services.  If legal or other requirements mandate that you must purchase items you did not specially ask for, we will give you a written description of each item on the billing statement we provide.

We hope the information provided to you will help you have a complete understanding of the cost of any of the services you may desire.  It is the goal of our staff to help you select an arrangement that will suit your needs perfectly.


Reverend Floyd A. Williams, III

Floyd A. Williams, and his wife Cynthia Lopes-Holbert established the Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home, Inc., on February 28, 1974. This entity has been built on the spiritual foundation that "All things are possible through our faith in God and our constant prayer; however, prayer without work is dead.
Self-Reliance, self-respect, honesty, persistency and consistency are the building blocks to success. When asked about his innate ability to persevere under, what has been sometimes, insurmountable odds, Mr. Williams attributes it to a praying Grandmother, who raised him on the teachings of Marcus Garvey, - “If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life. With confidence, you have won even before you have started.” 
Now approaching 44 years later, by only the Will of God, the Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home, Inc. has stood steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in its work to serve the Boston community with the highest level of dignity and professionalism. Floyd Williams has an impervious commitment to God, family and community which has enabled him to step out of his cultural house and into the cultural houses of his brothers and sisters of the many nationalities and religions in Boston and its surrounding areas, whether they be Christian or Muslim, from Africa, the Cape Verde Islands, the Caribbean or any one of the Latin American communities, as well as European.
I will tell of the kindnesses of the LORD, the deeds for which he is to be praised, according to all the LORD has done for me— yes, the many good things he has done for me and with me, according to His compassion and many kindnesses.

A Renaissance Man 

A Father: Reverend and Mrs. Williams are the parents to four children: Tracey (Troy) Wilson, Deborah Williams, Sean (Nicole) Williams and Dahria Williams-Fernandes (John). From their the generations only spread with his grandchildren: Malika, Troy, Marques, Myles, Floyd Ashton, Deja, DeJohn, Javon, Naimah and Alyanna. And the blessings of his Great-Grands: Malik, Myles, and Issadora.
Honorable: Reverend Williams served seven and a half years in the United States Marine Corps and spent two combat tours in Vietnam, awarded the two purple heart and 26 Air Combat Metals. His time in the service gave him a well-rounded view on life and survival, revealing what is known to be the bigger picture. It is a  testament to his motivation, appreciation and respect for leadership. This attributes were strengthened through his spiritual walk; supported by his Islamic teachings and grounded in the religion of the African diaspora.Implementing the teaching into his ministry and his commitment to you and your loved ones.  
A Theologian: The simuliarities in the teachings, discipline and commitment the military instilled became beneficial in truly beginning his own walk. Reverend Williams is a Graduate of New England College of Anatomy, Cambridge College, and Gordon - Conwell Theological Seminary, and an Ordained Minister of the Gospel. Giving him the answers to the human question of FAITH while dually providing the wisdom to ground self which reveal the confirmation of his heart. 
A Servant: His heart and faith are driving forces that lead to his generosity, supportive nature, perseverance and passion for change. This passion transcends into his clear niche in life: Reverend Williams is an accomplished funeral director, known as the first African American Funeral Director appointed to the Board of Funeral Director for the Massachusetts Division of Professional Licensure .  Enjoys gaining knowledge and wisdom to assist others in life challenges, manifested in his mentoring, advocacy, and ministry. He has assisted bring young men out of the wilderness and supported women in seeing their self-worth and accomplishing their career goals - All was pouring into the next generation.