Our Difference

We stand behind our reputation and will continue to serve our community with the values instilled by our funeral directors.

What makes Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home Different?


Our hope is to service all sectors of our community equally, encouraging them to embrace their diverse cultures & religious faiths. We want to make the process of a funeral a foundation for change or a pivotal point to ground you in all the positive attributes one's life can unfold;  all while sustaining one's Legacy. We see this as a ministry; therefore, we know how ethically aligned our tasks are and that it is a full circle commitment- PreNeed, At Need and Aftercare.
We Are Servicing You ~ We Do Not Take That For Granted. 
Since 1974, we have been servicing the community with only the best interest of our families in mind--no less than respectable. From beginning to end, and in everything we do, we are only concerned with caring for your family.  If for nothing else, we put our best food forward for our own personal fulfillment in our chosen profession and recognized, divine purpose.
At Floyd A. Williams Funeral Home, we consider the opportunity to care for your loved one as a sacred trust. We know that trust is paramount in selecting a funeral home. Entrusting us with your loved ones' constructive custody is not taken lightly and our care reflects the same standard we would bestow upon our own loved ones.  From the transfer to our facility to ensuring that burial is completed properly, we aim to please with dignity and respect.
Because we are meeting you at a time of great emotional stress, we want to make the process as simple as possible. At our conferences, we take the burden off of you and address all your concerns with care and empathy. We continue our tradition of going far beyond what is expected from a funeral home. The relationships cultivated, during our time of service, hold a solid line of trust that was seeded by the genuine heart that each of our funeral directors and staff possess. This is a quality that we emphasize and demand in our search for the next generation of caring professionals.
We believe it is our privilege to provide you with the most meaningful, appropriate, and affordable services possible.  We are not interested in haggling with prices; thus we initiated our MATCH program to eliminate the wedge that tends to cause the insecurity with families. Our ability to coordinate & direct a service, while educating others, has been recognized as we have stretched our arms out both nationally and internationally.

At the end of the day, the only questions I will ask myself are... 

  • Did I love enough?
  • Did I live enough?
  • Did I laugh enough?
  • Did I make a difference?

We are led by our commitment to our community and we will never compromise in our ethics, compassion and professionalism when servicing you.

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