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MARCH 2022


The Family has been bring reverence to His life since his passing therefore we ask that you take a Moment to Pause and join us on Thursday, February 24, 2022 for the Virtual Celebration of Life & Legacy

My Beloved husband of 32 years, Baba Heru Lester Nelson, made his transition on February 11, 2022 after a long, long battle with cancer.

Baba Heru Lester and I, Dr Nteri Nelson, are Co Founders of the Academy Kemetic & Wellness Inc. providing an African Centered Model for Education and Right Relationship Counseling for the preservation of the African Family, since 1999.

This video is from the Building The Lighted Temple Wisdom service. Initiate Nura Bell gives a Teaching today in Tribute, Honor and Loving Memory of Baba Heru Lester Nelson and the Academy Archive:​

My Beloved Husband Baba Heru Lester Nelson
May you be found Maa Kheru, True of Voice as you now become, One Among the Ancestors, on the Inner Realm.
May you continue to watch over, protect, guide and teach us from the Celestial realm as you were steadfast and devoted in doing all the days of your life, when you were here among us on the Terrestrial realm.
May you affirm, Inuk Ausar.
We Love You, Mer Asha Beloved.
Dr Nteri Nelson​


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