Legacy Program

The Legacy Program assists families in estate planning and end of life planning which intern eliminates some of the emotional stress that one finds themselves when facing the reality of life. The Legacy Program encompasses the Sojourner Guiding Light series which provided workbooks/pamphlets and complimentary seminars to trigger one's mind on the issues that you may run into while empowering and minimize the mental and emotional stress in their retirement and/or purchasing decisions.  

Goals of the Legacy Program

  • Assist families in advance on making their funeral arrangements and giving them a forum to start processing how they will demonstrate their love and reverence while intern making responsible purchasing decisions.
  • Allows one to make their own funeral arrangements while in the right mental capacity.
  • Assist them in making thoughtful decision that reduces the stress of indecision and uncertainty.
  • Fosters communication and bridges the gap between family, clergy, and our funeral directors.
  • Record certain vital information and gather financial documents (i.e. insurance policy) and the required forms.
  • Determines Cost of: select a casket, burial vault, and other merchandise associated with the services.
  • Prepay for the services and merchandise ahead of time through our funding programs. Pre-funding allows you to pay for the funeral service at current prices.
  • Ease possible financial pressures on the family by establishing adequate funds to cover funeral expenses and initiate the through process and actions necessary in estate planning and ultimately Leaving a Legacy
Provided Guides and Workbooks
  • Tailored informational Brochures (upon request)
  • General Prices (upon request)
  • Pre-Need Buyers Guide
  • At The Time of Need Guide
  • Leaving a Legacy Workbook

Informational seminars upon request tailored to you or your group on various topics including:

  • Estate Planning: needs and 
  • Insurance
  • Legal issues
  • Finance
  • End of Life Planning
  • Bereavement
  • One day Ministerial Seminars - providing in-depth knowledge funeral service​